dost thou Love Thy Neighbor?


If you’re anything like me you were hoping this new Tyler Perry show “Love Thy Neighbor” would hold up to its expectations. The Tyler Perry brand is popping out show after show and the black community is sometimes blindly supporting just because of their affection for the man himself. Hey, I don’t fault them. Perry is funny and seems to be a nice, hard-working person who has a keen eye for entertainment. I have to say, although I was skeptical of LTN at first I have officially been won over!

I’m the type of viewer who doesn’t laugh unless it’s funny and I have found myself laughing quite a bit. More than that, the show hit a real moment when the daughter “Linda” (Kendra C. Johnson) continued to complain about her painfully hard life and the mother, the star of the show “Hattie Mae” played by Patrice Lovely, began to literally bully her daughter until she fought back in order to get the point across that she needs to do just that, fight back. The dramatic turn from comedy to drama was refreshing. I think a little depth is necessary to give life to characters. Up until that point I wasn’t completely convinced of the show’s promise because of the one-dimensional flow of the story lines and some weak acting moments. Now I find myself looking forward to watching!

Other bright lights in the show’s lineup are the comedic wits of Palmer Williams Jr. as Floyd, Hattie’s brother and co-owner of the family diner, and the fun, wild quirkiness of Jonathan Chase as Sam, best friend of Danny, Hattie Mae’s grandson. And I must say that Danny, played by Andre Hall is quite a snack for my eyes! Ladies, you will enjoy.

Final thought: If you, like me, weren’t too keen on the folks next door, I wouldst encourage thou to watch as I thinkest thou mayest indeed learn to “Love Thy Neighbor”. #PinkyOut

That’s My Two Sense™


fire Paula Deen, fire an entire culture

So what’s all this talk about Paula Deen? So what she used the word “nigga”. They took her show because of that? As if her expression is a more heinous sin than the numerous less blatant, less publicized ones which take place in our country everyday. Oh, forgive me. As an African American it’s my duty to uphold the “do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do” doctrine, right? Oh please! They may steal my black card for this, but with most crimes against blacks coming from blacks, I dont see the value of it anyway. Allow me to jump off of the cliff…

Black folks are bipolar! Yes, we were mistreated and called outside of our names 18,000,000 years ago, but if the “n” word is so hurtful and derogatory, why the Hellman’s mayonnaise does every black person in the world use it still???? I will tell you why. The reason is that the term has migrated from a term of hate to a term of endearment. So then why are we so angry when outside races use it?

Yes, racism still exists but we should not assume that any other race means it disrespectfully when it no longer means what it once did. Unless we also question the intentions of every black person when it is used, isnt this also racist? Most people preach about it being a principle-based logic. Rubbish. Besides, we aren’t the only race that has been oppressed. I love my skin and I love my people but enough is enough. I say we get off of our high horses and chill the heck out!

Asking other races to deny themselves the “privilege” of using the word “nigga” has somehow become a desperate attempt to create a brotherhood and regain some pride from the years of harsh treatment by white folks. Guys, there are other ways to heal. Have you ever heard of a silly thing called forgiveness? Let’s at least stop confirming our ignorance to those condescenders and reach for a more fulfilling panacea.

For God sakes people it’s JUST a word! We are not more powerful because we have taken the word. We are not richer because we have taken the word. We are certainly not more accomplished from it. It’s time to move on. It’s time to forgive. Its time to lighten up.

People are not our enemy. There are spirits in this world affecting the movement of society. But that is an entirely different subject matter.

Final thought: Give Madam Deen her job back or fire the entire black culture! This is truly getting out of hand.

That’s my two sense™


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